Restaurant Design and Interior Design Concepts

Raleigh Design is a premier interior restaurant designer firm based in Orlando, Florida. With a long history of creating well-planned and exceptional restaurants, we stand out in our industry for the best reasons. We are dedicated to our client’s success.

Having designed over 350 restaurants, clubs and hotels, we have a depth of knowledge and expertise that can be of great benefit to your project team. We have a highly successful and streamlined approach to restaurant design. We guide our clients to make the best and most cost effective design decisions from concept development through the entire process of design and construction.

For over three decades, we have been restaurant design and brand development specialists. We have worked with the top companies in the leisure entertainment and hospitality industries. As a designer of attractions and a restaurant designer, we have worked for Disney World, for Universal Studios, for Hard Rock Cafe, and for Darden Restaurants.

As a restaurant designer, we have received many awards for creativity and restaurant design excellence. While the process of design drives our passion, it is our strong client focus that develops lasting business relationships. We take pride in our ability to listen carefully to our client’s goals and objectives and to translate their ideas into an aesthetically, functionally, and financially superior project.

Passionate, Knowledgeable, Innovative & Effective Storytellers

Each of our client’s ideas, goals and objectives establish a specific set of design criteria. Every assignment is an opportunity to apply our knowledge and experience creatively, in a fresh and unique way. We look forward to celebrating every new challenging project.